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Not to be confused with Dennie Gordon.

Deni Gordon is an American-born Australian actress and performer. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Gordon is the daughter of African-American parents and moved to Australia in 1969 to star in a musical called "Hair" with longtime friend and fellow cast mate Marcia Hines. She appeared as a singer and dancer in the ABC sketch comedy series The Dingo Principle, and had a guest role in the soap opera Sons and Daughters in 1987. She had a regular role in the fifth season of Heartbreak High as teacher Ronnie Brooks,[1] and has appeared as a Priestess in both the film The Matrix[2] and the Farscape episode "Jeremiah Crichton" in 1999.

Gordon is the voice behind the "r-r-r-r-rage!" scream heard in the opening titles and breakers of the long-running ABC music video program Rage.[3]


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