Denigomodu District

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Nauru Denigomodu-Nibok.jpg

Denigomodu is a district in the western part of the island of Nauru. The district covers an area of 1.18 km², and has a population of 2,827, making it the most populous of the fourteen Nauruan districts.

District features[edit]

One of Nauru's two hotels, the Menen Hotel, is located within the district.

In this district is the laborers' settlement for the phosphate mining workers of the Nauru Phosphate Corporation (NPC). Also located in Denigomodu are:

  • the general hospital
  • NPC hospital
  • NPC planning and construction offices

Political organisation[edit]

Denigomodu district shown within Nauru.

Denigomodu is a part of the constituency of Ubenide.

Notable people[edit]

Coordinates: 0°31′25″S 166°54′52″E / 0.52361°S 166.91444°E / -0.52361; 166.91444