Denigomodu District

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Nauru Denigomodu-Nibok.jpg

Denigomodu is a district in the western part of the island of Nauru. The district covers an area of 1.18 km², and has a population of 2,827, making it the most populous of the fourteen Nauruan districts.

District features[edit]

In this district is the laborers' settlement for the phosphate mining workers of the Nauru Phosphate Corporation (NPC). Also located in Denigomodu are:

  • the general hospital
  • NPC hospital
  • NPC planning and construction offices
  • Nauru College
  • Eigigu Supermarket

Political organisation[edit]

Denigomodu district shown within Nauru.

Denigomodu is a part of the constituency of Ubenide.

Notable people[edit]

Coordinates: 0°31′25″S 166°54′52″E / 0.52361°S 166.91444°E / -0.52361; 166.91444