denim delinquent

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denim delinquent
Denim delinquent cover 5.jpg
denim delinquent No. 5
Editor Jymn Parrett
Categories Music Magazine
Frequency Yearly to 1976
First issue 1971
Country Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Language English

denim delinquent was an influential rock and roll fanzine of seven issues in total, published from 1971 to 1976. It was the first rock and roll fanzine to come out of Canada. The zine began as a launching pad for the writing of Jymn Parrett and Mark Jones in Ottawa, Ontario.

After the first two Ottawa-based issues, subsequent denim delinquents were published out of Los Angeles by Jymn and Dee Parrett. The content of these issues included articles about music groups playing the Sunset Strip, including the Whisky a Go Go.

Contributors included Lester Bangs, Jeffrey Morgan (Creem, Alice Cooper, The Stooges), Danny Sugerman and Jeremy Gluck (later of The Barracudas). Interviews and features spanned such groups as:

Original issues of denim delinquent sell for over $300 on eBay. A compilation of all issues in book form is awaiting publication (and finances).

For many years after the demise of denim delinquent, Jymn Parrett continued to write for various Canadian music magazines, including Cheap Thrills, Stagelife and Roxy.

Currently, after almost 50 years away from rock and roll writing, Parrett is a contributor to the highly-rated Ugly Things, reviewing reissues and interviewing 60's artists.

References to denim delinquent[edit]

  • The cover of the fifth issue later became the artwork for Bomp Records' release, Wild Love by Iggy and the Stooges .
  • Jymn Parrett contributed liner notes to California Bleeding, an Iggy and the Stooges CD for Bomp.
  • In the late nineties, denim delinquent became the subject of articles in fanzines Black to Comm and Back of a Car.
  • Morrissey etched the quote, "What kind of man reads denim delinquent?" into the run out groove of his Interesting Drug 12 inch single. This quote is a reference to the back cover of issue number 3, specifically to the New York Dolls, who appear on the front cover of the same issue.
  • In 2007, a biography of Iggy Pop titled Open Up and Bleed included several quotes by Parrett and references to denim delinquent's coverage of the Stooges during 1974.