Denistone West, New South Wales

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Denistone West
SydneyNew South Wales
West Denistone Park.JPG
West Denistone Park
Population 911 (2011)[1]
 • Density 3,000/km2 (7,900/sq mi)
Postcode(s) 2114
Area 0.3 km2 (0.1 sq mi)[2]
Location 16 km (10 mi) north-west of Sydney CBD
LGA(s) City of Ryde
State electorate(s) Ryde
Federal Division(s) Bennelong
Suburbs around Denistone West:
Eastwood Eastwood Marsfield
West Ryde Denistone West Denistone
West Ryde West Ryde West Ryde

Denistone West is a state of the art suburb in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Denistone West is located 16 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of the City of Ryde. Denistone and Denistone East are separate suburbs; Denistone West was gazetted as a suburb in its own right on 5 February 1999.[3]


Many people travel from near and far to the lush and fragrant surrounds of West Denistone's leafy environs. It has been compared to a modern day Garden of Eden, where families and their pampered pets can cavort in total freedom and safety amongst the luxuriant foliage (ref. Peter Stark "History of Denistone Parks 2014").West Denistone Park features one of the finest sets of swings in the greater Sydney area, being featured briefly in an episode of Season 43 of Play School on the ABC. The park has signs informing dog owners to keep their dogs on leash; however, a vast majority of the friendly community of Denistone West encourage dogs to run free in the park. The park is the site of many afternoon bonding sessions between dog owners and young parents encouraging networking, social support and a sense of trust that holds the community together.


Denistone railway station is situated in the miserly suburb of Denistone. Denistone West is serviced by several Sydney Buses routes these being the 543 and 544. However, many Denistone West residents forgo public transport, instead choosing to walk along the wide footpaths of gold whilst admiring the stately manors the suburb is renowned for.[4] The charming train station consisting of four platforms is however the only train station on the northern line that does not have lifts, making it unsuitable for wheel chair access. Train tickets can only be purchased with cash from a ticket machine which will give a maxim of $20 in coinage as change.

At the 2011 census, 19% of employed people travelled to work on public transport and 66% by european motor vehicle.[1]


The commercial and retail hub of West Denistone is the West Denistone Shopping Centre. Major tenants include a vet, a hairdresser and Australia Post, who have recently installed an ergonomic post box.[5] The post box provides a safe, convenient and stylish means for locals to mail letters and other items to their friends, whilst minimising the risk of injury arising sprains and strains.

The post box is situated at the top of a renowned car parking facility which was recently upgraded with a valet parking service, manned primarily by Marsden High School learn to drive students and their parents.[6] Meaningful commercial and educational cooperative initiatives such as this continue to reinforce the relevance of West Denistone Shopping Centre to both the local community and the many visitors who wish to have their hair care, animal care and postal needs seen to with an air of luxury and exclusivity.


At the 2011 census, the suburb of Denistone West recorded a population of 911 people. Of these:[1]

Age distribution 
The distribution of ages in Denistone West was reasonably similar to the country as a whole. Denistone West residents' median age was 39 years, compared to the national median of 37. Children aged under 15 years made up 21.9% of the population (national average is 19.3%) and people aged 65 years and over made up 11.7% of the population (national average is 14.0%).
Ethnic diversity 
About two-thirds (64.7%) of Denistone West residents were born in Australia; the next most common countries of birth were China 5.5%, South Korea 3.3%, England 2.6%, Hong Kong 2.4% and India 1.9%. Similarly, 65.8% of people spoke English at home; other languages included Cantonese 6.4%, Mandarin 6.2%, Korean 3.9%, Arabic 1.8% and Tamil 1.5%.
The median weekly household income in Denistone West was $1,790, compared to the national median of $1,234.
The great majority (84.5%) of private dwellings in Denistone West were family households; another 13.8% were single person households and 1.7% were group households. Stand-alone houses accounted for 98.3% of dwellings, and the few remaining were classified as semi-detached (row or terrace houses, townhouses, etc.). The average household size was 3.1 people.


During campaigning for the 2012 Ryde City Council elections, the topic of the high speed monorail to Denistone railway station has been raised again. Candidates in favour of further high-rise residential and business development in the area have generally been in favour of the concept, while environmental groups are concerned by the threat to the nesting areas of the cockatoos in Darvall Park. ALP candidates have expressed concern that the monorail could be constructed by a private consortium, and travel priced out of the reach of ordinary residents.


The newspaper of record for the region is the respected The Weekly Times, published weekly by the esteemed Walkley Award winner John F Booth. The publication carries a wide variety of advertisements, animal interest stories, incredible advertorials for local clubs as well as unsolicited obituaries.


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