Denmark–Finland relations

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Danish-Finnish relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Finland



Denmark–Finland relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Finland. Denmark has an embassy in Helsinki. Finland has an embassy in Copenhagen.[1][2] Both countries are part of the Nordic Council. Denmark officially recognized Finland's independence in 1918 and diplomatic relations were established on 18 February of that year. Both countries are members of the European Union, Nordic Union, Council of the Baltic Sea States. The Nordic Culture Fund and the Finnish-Danish Cultural Fund support projects of artists in both countries.


Finland's exports to Denmark, as well as imports from that area have fluctuated each year, the trade balance, however, was in the 2000s, Finland deficit. In 2008, Finland's exports to Denmark increased. The value of exports to Denmark, was 1.380 billion euros and imports from Denmark was 1.453 billion euros.

High level visits[edit]

Former prime minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen visited Denmark on 12 October 2007. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of Denmark visited Finland on 10 February 2010 during the Baltic Sea summit.

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