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Dennis Elliott
Instruments Drums
Associated acts Foreigner, If

Dennis Leslie Eliott (born 18 August 1950,[1] Peckham, London) is significant for being the drummer with Foreigner from 1976 until 1991 (other sources state 1992). In later years he became a professional sculptor.

Life and careers[edit]

Dennis Elliott played the drums with his family band at age five in shows around London. As a teenager, he joined The Tea Set with his older brother Raymond, who sang and played trumpet. At sixteen he played in the band Ferris Wheel. He later played with the British jazz-rock group IF, appearing on their first five studio albums and a live recording.

By 1975, Elliott had become a U.S. resident and played on Ian Hunter's first solo recording, Ian Hunter.

In 1976 he joined and became the original drummer with Foreigner, officially leaving the band in January 1993.

After leaving the music industry Elliott turned to sculpture, working primarily in the medium of wood. Self-taught, many of his works have been vessels made of burlwood, sculpted wall mirrors, wall sculptures, and orbital sculptures.[2]

Elliott became a U.S. citizen in 1993.[2]




Ian Hunter[edit]


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