Densu River

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Coordinates: 5°31′0″N 0°19′0″W / 5.51667°N 0.31667°W / 5.51667; -0.31667
Densu River
Country Ghana
Mouth Atlantic Ocean
 - coordinates 5°31′0″N 0°19′0″W / 5.51667°N 0.31667°W / 5.51667; -0.31667
Length 116 km (72 mi)
Basin 2,490 km2 (961 sq mi)

The Densu River is a 116 km long river in Ghana rising in the Atewa Range. It flows through an economically important agricultural region, supplies half the drinking water to Ghana's capital city of Accra, and ends in an ecologically significant wetlands at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.[1] The Weija Dam is situated on the Densu River.

Densu Basin[edit]

The population density of the Densu Basin is approximately 240 persons per square kilometer.[2]


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