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Dental Council of India logo
Logo of Dental Council of India

The Dental Council of India was incorporated under The Dentists Act, 1948[1] to regulate dental education and the profession throughout India. It is financed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and through the local state dental councils.


  • Maintain uniform standards of dental education in India
  • Regulate the curriculum in the training of dentists, dental hygienists and dental mechanics
  • Regulate the level of examinations and qualifications


A Bill has been introduced in the Parliament of India,[by whom?] to dissolve the Dental Council of India, along with other Regulatory Bodies such as the Medical Council of India, Nursing Council of India and Pharmacy Council of India. These Regulatory Bodies are proposed to be replaced with a common Statutory Body known as National Commission for Human Resources for Health. This is primarily due to widespread allegations of corruption in the Dental Council of India,[2] and raids conducted by Central Bureau of Investigation on Dr. Anil Kohli, tainted ex-President of Dental Council of India and Dr. Ketan Desai, tainted ex-President of Medical Council of India.


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