Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

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Denver Broncos Cheerleaders
The Broncos Cheerleaders performing at Camp Fallujah in 2006
General Information
Team Denver Broncos
Established 1971 (returned in 1993)
Disbanded 1980
Members 26

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are the official cheerleading squad of the Denver Broncos. The group performs at Broncos home games at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (formerly Invesco Field at Mile High). The squad's origins came as the Bronkettes, which is a squad consisting of girls. In 1971, their adult counterparts Bronco Belles arrived, and became the Pony Express in 1977. However, the group disbanded in 1980 after two members posed topless for Playboy. The group eventually returned in 1993.[1] Since 2003, the group has toured various military bases in places including Egypt, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy, Guam, Hawaii, Kwajaleim, Japan and Australia.[2] The squad currently has 26 members.[3] The squad's members have a blog that they posted online, in a fashion similar to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.[4] The group, like many other squads, also have a "Junior Broncos Cheerleaders", with the girls in the squad being split into groups of 15.[5] The Junior Broncos Cheerleaders also has a competitive dance squad called the "Junior Denver Broncos All-Stars", which also does various charity events, like their adult counterparts.[6] The squad also makes various appearances off the field at various trade shows and convention centers.[7] Auditions, which take place in March, has the Broncos selecting 26 women to the team, as well as 10 to the Major League Lacrosse "Denver Outlaws Dance Team".[8][9]

Notable members[edit]


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