Denver sandwich

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Denver sandwich
Alternative name(s) Western sandwich
Place of origin United States
Main ingredient(s) Bread, Denver omelette (ham, onion, green pepper, scrambled eggs)
Variations Manhattan Sandwich

A Denver sandwich, also known as a Western sandwich, consists of a Denver omelette (consisting of at least ham, onion, green pepper, and scrambled eggs), sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

The sandwich has been claimed to have been invented by many different people, including Denver restaurateur Albert A. McVittie in 1907 as well as M. D. Looney, of Denver, in the same year. It has also been claimed that the “Denver sandwich” was invented at Denver’s Taber Hotel but mentions of it in newspapers predate all these claimants.[1]

As early as 1908 it was known as the “Western Sandwich”, cited in a San Antonio newspaper. A “Manhattan Sandwich” (cited from 1909) was similar in that it contained fried egg, minced ham, and onion.

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