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Department of Biotechnology
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Abbreviation DBT
Formation 1986
Type Government organization
Headquarters New Delhi
Region served
K. VijayRaghavan
Affiliations Ministry of Science and Technology (India)

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is an Indian government department, under the Ministry of Science and Technology responsible for administrating development and commercialization in the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India. It was set up in 1986.[1]

Through several research and development projects, demonstrations, grants and creation of infrastructural facilities a clear visible impact of this field has been seen. The department has made significant achievements in the growth and application of biotechnology in the broad areas of agriculture, health care, animal sciences, environment, and industry.[1] The proven technologies at the laboratory level have been scaled up and demonstrated in field.

Patenting of innovations, technology transfer to industries and close interaction with them have given a new direction to biotechnology research in India. Initiatives have been taken to promote transgenic research in plants with emphasis on pest and disease resistance, nutritional quality, silk-worm genome analysis etc.

On the other hand, molecular biology of human genetic disorders, brain research, plant genome research, development, validation and commercialization of diagnostic kits and vaccines for communicable diseases, food biotechnology, biodiversity conservation and bioprospecting, setting up of micropropagation parks and biotechnology based development for SC/ST, rural areas, women and for different States.[1] Organization's mandate and the centers of excellence that it has set up to achieve this goal are listed below.


  • Promote large scale use of Biotechnology
  • Support R&D and manufacturing in Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Responsibility for Autonomous Institutions
  • Promote University and Industry Interaction
  • Identify and Set up Centres of Excellence for R&D
  • Integrated Programme for Human Resource Development
  • To serve as Nodal Point for specific International Collaborations
  • Establishment of Infrastructure Facilities to support R&D and production
  • Evolve Bio Safety Guidelines, manufacture and application of cell based vaccines
  • Serve as nodal point for the collection and dissemination of information relating to biotechnology


Autonomous Institutes
Public Sector Undertakings

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