Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London

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Department of Digital Humanities,
King's College London
King's College London Digital Humanities.png
Established 1991
Parent institution King's College London
Head of Department Professor Anna Reading
Location London, UK
Website Department of Digital Humanities

The Department of Digital Humanities (DDH) (formerly Centre for Computing in the Humanities) is an academic department and research centre in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at King's College London. DDH counts amongst the "most visible"[1] digital humanities centres worldwide, with particular expertise in XML technologies (including TEI), structured data and prosopography, mapping and GIS, and user interface innovation.

The primary objective of the Department is to foster awareness, understanding and skill in the scholarly applications of computing. It operates in three main areas: as a department with responsibility for its own academic programme; as a research centre promoting the appropriate application of computing in humanities research; and as a unit providing collegial support to its sister departments in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities was established by Professor Harold Short in 1991, and changed its name in 2011. Professor Anna Reading, is currently acting Head of Department.

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