Department of Justice (Hong Kong)

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Department of Justice

Department of Justice (Hong Kong) Logo.png
Agency overview
Headquarters 23rd Floor, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong
Employees 1,084[1]
Annual budget 949.2m HKD[1]
Agency executive Wong Yan Lung, SC, JP, Secretary for Justice

The Department of Justice (Chinese: 律政司) is the department responsible for the laws of Hong Kong headed by the Secretary for Justice. Before 1997, the names of the department and the position was the Legal Department (律政署) and Attorney General (律政司) respectively.


  • Prosecutions Division (Hong Kong) - headed by the Director of Public Prosecutions, handles prosecutions in the majority of appeals and trials in the Court of First Instance and District Court.
  • Civil Division - headed by the Law Officer (Civil Law), provides legal advice on civil law to all Government bureaux and departments and represents the Government both as solicitors and as barristers in all civil litigation, including arbitrations
  • Legal Policy Division - servicing the needs of the Solicitor General, and giving legal policy advice in respect of matters currently being considered by the Government
  • Law Drafting Division - is responsible for drafting almost all legislation, and all Government subsidiary legislation
  • International Law Division - is headed by the Law Officer (International Law) and provides advice on public international law to the Government and negotiates, or provides legal advisers on negotiations, for bilateral agreements. Also handles mutual judicial assistance matters.
  • Administration and Development Division - is headed by the Director of Administration and Development
Politics and government of Hong Kong

Basic Law
Chief Executive: Leung Chun-ying
Chief Secretary: Carrie Lam
Financial Secretary: John Tsang
Secretary for Justice: Rimsky Yuen
Executive Council
    Convenor: Lam Woon-kwong
Bureaus, depts, etc.
Political Appointments
Accountability System
Hong Kong Civil Service
Legislative Council
President: Jasper Tsang
Geographical constituency
Functional constituency
Political parties
   Pan-democracy camp
   Pro-Beijing camp
Court of Final Appeal
    Chief Justice: Geoffrey Ma
High Court
District Councils
Human rights
Foreign relations
Universal suffrage

Other Hong Kong topics
Culture - Economy
Education - Geography - History
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