Department of Revenue (Tamil Nadu)

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Department of Revenue of state of Tamil Nadu
Agency overview
Formed 1811
Jurisdiction Tamil Nadu
Headquarters Chennai
Minister responsible Thiru N. D. Venkatachalam [1], Minister for Revenue
Agency executive Thiru Thiru Rajeev Ranjan IAS [2], Principal Secretary to the Government
Parent agency Government of Tamil Nadu

The Department of Revenue of state of Tamil Nadu is one of the Department of Government of Tamil Nadu


Objective & Functions of the Department[edit]

1) Providing efficient delivery of services of various Government schemes to the people of Tamil Nadu.

2) Providing relief and implementing rehabilitation measures for those affected by Natural Calamities.

3) Functioning as the custodian of Government lands and ensuring proper maintenance of land records for the State.

4) Implementation of Land Reforms and providing land to the needy and eligible persons.

Sub - Departments[edit]

Name Website Established Functions & Organisations
Department of Revenue Administration, Disaster Management and Mitigation
Department of Land Administration Department
Department of Land Reforms
Department of Urban Land Ceiling & Urban Land Tax
Department of Survey and Settlement (Department of Survey and Land Records)

Present Ministers (2011-Till)[edit]

Former Ministers[edit]

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