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Department of School Education of State of Tamil Nadu
Agency overview
Formed 1999
Jurisdiction Tamil Nadu
Headquarters Chennai
Minister responsible , Minister for School Education
Agency executive Thirumathi D Sabitha IAS [1], Principal Secretary to Government to the Government

The Department of School Education of state of Tamil Nadu is one of the Department of Government of Tamil Nadu


  • 1826 - Board of Public Instructions established
  • 1841 - First High School opened in Madras
  • 1849 - High Schools for Girls Opened
  • 1854 - Directorate of Public Instruction established
  • 1892 - Madras Educational Rules enforced
  • 1910 - Board of Secondary Education established
  • 1911 - SSLC Public Examination conducted for the first time
  • 1921 - Madras Elementary Educational Rules enforced
  • 1924 - Compulsory and Free Education introduced in some selected places
  • 1953 - Directorate of Legal Studies established
  • 1955 - Pension Scheme for Teachers introduced
  • 1956 - Midday-meal programmes implemented
  • 1957 - Directorate of Technical Education established
  • 1960 - Scheme for Free supply of Uniforms for School Children organised
  • 1964 - Introduction of Free Education up to high school level
  • 1965 - Directorate of Collegiate Education established
  • 1969 - Tamil Nadu Text-book Society established
  • 1972 - Directorate of Public Libraries established
  • 1973 - Directorate of Government Examinations and SCERT established
  • 1976 - Directorate of Non-formal and Adult Education established
  • 1978 - Higher Secondary Education (10+2) introduced
  • 1981 - Teachers in Panchayat Union Schools become Government Employees
  • 1982 - Nutrition Meal Scheme introduced
  • 1985 - Free Supply of Text Books and Uniforms up to VIII Standard extended.
  • 1986 - Directorate of Elementary Education established. Implementation of National Policy on Education, Teachers in Municipal/Township/Corporation become Government Employees.
  • 1988-1990: Introduction of revised syllabus based on National Policy for I -XII standards
  • 1990: Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training established.
  • 1995-96: Introduction of revised syllabus for classes I-XII


  • 1997: The separate Department of School Education was formed in 1997, after bifurcation from the Education, Science & Technology Department under the administration of Principal Secretary to Government at Secretariat [3]
  • 2001: Directorate of Matriculation School formed.[4]

Objective & Functions of the Department[edit]

The basic objective of the Department is to formulate polices, laws, regulations and various programmes based on the needs of the society now and then, for achieving the following goals of the Government in the field of School Education in Tamil Nadu.

  • To provide elementary schools in hamlets where there are no schools To provide free and compulsory education for all children of age group 6-14.
  • To eradicate dropouts.
  • To improve the basic amenities in schools.
  • To improve and enrich the syllabus.
  • To improve the quality of education
  • To eradicate illiteracy
  • To distribute quality textbooks at fair price in time.
  • To open village libraries where there is a population of 5000 and above.
  • To give importance to vocational training schools.
  • To encourage health education in schools.
  • To involve the parents in the management of schools to a great extent.



According to the allocation of subjects as per the Business Rules, this Department has been allocated the following items of work:[7]

  • Overall administration and control of the Head of Departments functioning under School Education department
  • Policy formulation,
  • Finalisation of the annual budget relating to the schemes implemented by the heads of the Departments.
  • Administrative sanctions for various projects and programmes
  • Advice to other departments in education and training aspects


Name Website
Directorate of Elementary Education
Directorate of The Education for All Movement and District Primary Education Programme (State Project Directorate, District Primary Education Programme & Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)
Directorate of School Education (Director headed Department of School Education)
Directorate of Matriculation Schools
State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) - (Directorate of Teachers Education and Research)
Directorate of Government Examination
Directorate of Non-formal & Adult Education
Directorate of Public Libraries
Directorate of Universalisation of Secondary Education Project (Directorate of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA))


Undertakings and bodies[edit]

Name Department Website
Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation Limited
Teachers Recruitment Board
Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education


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