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Departure Lounge were an English musical group consisting of:

  • Tim Keegan - lead vocals, guitar
  • Jake Kyle - bass, trumpet
  • Chris Anderson - guitar, keyboards, saxophone, oboe
  • Lindsay Jamieson - drums, keyboards

They were initially known as Tim Keegan & Departure Lounge, reflecting the fact that Keegan was the singer and main lyricist. They released an album under this name in 2000, Out of Here, which received warm reviews in both the general and music press (subsequent re-releases of the CD have changed the name to simply Departure Lounge). They assumed the simpler group name for their two subsequent albums, Jetlag Dreams (2001) and Too Late To Die Young (2002), both of which were released on former Cocteau Twins member Simon Raymonde's Bella Union label.

Departure Lounge have now disbanded and Keegan is working on solo projects.

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