Deputy Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force

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Bobby V. Page
Chaplain Bobby Page.JPG
Deputy Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force
(shown with USAF Colonel rank)
Allegiance  United States of America
Service/branch Seal of the US Air Force.svg United States Air Force
Rank US-O7 insignia.svg Brigadier General
Emblem, U.S. Air Force Chaplain Service

The Deputy Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force is the second senior-most Chaplain in the United States Air Force Chaplain Service, holding the rank of Brigadier General, and acting as principal deputy to the Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force.[1]

The current Deputy Chief of Chaplains is Brigadier General Bobby V. Page.[2]

Air Force Chaplains[edit]

Official Air Force instructions task chaplains with providing "spiritual care and the opportunity for Airmen, their families, and other authorized personnel to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion."[3][3] This goal is accomplished through "religious observances, providing pastoral care, and advising leadership on spiritual, ethical, moral, morale, core values," in addition to additional religious accommodation issues that have already been identified or might arise in the future.[3]

Additionally, "Chaplain Corps personnel conduct needs assessment based upon the commander’s mission requirements in order to plan and execute religious programs."[4]

Armed Forces Chaplains Board[edit]

As the active duty Deputy Chief of Chaplains for the Air Force, the man or woman holding this position is one of the six chaplains (Chiefs of Chaplains and active duty Deputy Chiefs of Chaplains of the Army, Navy, and Air Force) who together comprise the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, advising the Secretary of Defense and Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness on matters affecting military personnel throughout the U.S. military services.[4]

U.S. Air Force Deputy Chiefs of Chaplains[edit]

Name Photo Term began Term ended
1. Brig Gen Augustus F. Gearhard 1950 1953
2. Brig Gen Terence P. Finnegan 1953 1958
3. Brig Gen Robert P. Taylor RobertTaylor.jpg 1958 1962
4. Brig Gen Edwin R. Chess 1962 1966
5. Brig Gen William Leon Clark 1966 1968
6. Brig Gen Roy M. Terry RoyTerry.jpg 1968 1970
7. Brig Gen John F. Albert 1970 1972
8. Brig Gen Henry J. Meade HenryMeade.JPG 1972 1974
9. Brig Gen Thomas M. Groome Jr. 1974 1976
10. Brig Gen Richard Carr 1976 1978
11. Brig Gen Jeremiah J. Rodell Jeremiah Rodell.JPG 1978 1980
12. Brig Gen John A. Collins JohnCollins.jpg 1980 1982
13. Brig Gen Stuart E. Barstad StuartEBarstad.jpg 1982 1985
14. Brig Gen John P. McDonough JohnMcDonough.jpg 1985 1988
15. Brig Gen Donald J. Harlin DonaldHarlin.jpg 1988 1991
16. Brig Gen Arthur S. Thomas ArthurThomas.jpg 1991 1995
17. Brig Gen William J. Dendinger WilliamDendinger.jpg 1995 1997
18. Brig Gen Hiram "Doc" Jones 1997 1999
19. Brig Gen Lorraine K. Potter LorrainePotter.jpg 1999 2001
20. Brig Gen Charles C. Baldwin CharlesBaldwin.jpg 2001 April 2004
21. Brig Gen Cecil Richardson Chaplains- Air Force.JPG April 2004 May 2008
22. Brig Gen David H. Cyr David H Cyr.jpg 2008 2011
23. Brig Gen Howard D. Stendahl Howard Stendahl.jpg 2008 2012
24. Brig Gen Bobby V. Page Chaplain Bobby Page.JPG August 2, 2012 Incumbent

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