Der Verlorene

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Der Verlorene
Directed by Peter Lorre
Produced by Arnold Pressburger
Written by Peter Lorre, Benno Vigny, Axel Eggebrecht
Starring Peter Lorre, Gisela Trowe
Music by Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Release date(s) 1951
Running time 98 min
Country Germany
Language German

Der Verlorene (The Lost One) is a German language art film in the film noir style. Based on a true story, Peter Lorre wrote, directed, and starred in this film, his only film as director or writer.[1] The film's name has been used (in translation) as the title of his biography.[2]


Told through a series of flashbacks, Dr. Rothe (Peter Lorre) is a German scientist doing secret research for the Nazi government during World War II. After he discovers that his fiancée was selling secrets to the allies, he murders her. This is covered up by the German government. After the war, Rothe is working under an alias as a doctor for displaced persons. After seeing one of the Nazi officers that had covered up his crime, Rothe becomees overcome by the guilt of his wartime crimes.



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