Derbent Khanate

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Derbent Khanate

Capital Derbent
Languages Persian , Lezgian, Dargwa
Religion Islam
Government Khanate
 -  Established 1747
 -  Disestablished 1806
A coin of the Derbent Khanate.

The Derbent Khanate was a 18th century khanate centered in Derbent. It was founded shortly after the death of the Persian Nader Shah in 1747, due to the collapse of his empire. The khanate was occupied and annexed by the Russian Empire in 1806, during the Russo-Persian War (1804–13). However, it wasn't until the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813 that the Persian Empire recognized this annnexation.[1]

The population of the khanate mostly consisted of the northern clans of the Lezgian people.[2]


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