Derby Line–Rock Island Border Crossing

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Derby Line-Rock Island Border Crossing
Rock Island Quebec Border Station.jpg
Canadian Border Inspection Station at Rock Island, Quebec
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Interstate 91 Derby Line, Vermont 05830

Canadian Port: 2 Highway 55, Stanstead, Quebec J0B 3E2
Coordinates 45°00′21″N 72°05′17″W / 45.005859°N 72.087961°W / 45.005859; -72.087961
Opened 1978

The Derby Line–Rock Island Border Crossing connects the town of Stanstead, Quebec with Derby Line, Vermont. This crossing was established in 1978 with the completion of Interstate 91.


While there historically have been many roads that connect this community divided by a border, this page refers to the location at which Interstate 91 intersects with Quebec Autoroute 55. Since 2009, barricades have been erected on Church Street, Lee Street and Ball Street to prevent people from crossing the border at locations where border inspection services are not present, forcing locals to cross at this crossing, or at the Derby Line–Stanstead Border Crossing to the west.

Rock Island[edit]

The town of Rock Island Quebec was incorporated in 1957, and for many years the Canadian border station at this location shared its name. The town was dissolved in 1995 when it was merged with Stanstead Plain, Quebec and Beebe Plain, Quebec to create the town of Stanstead, Quebec (not to be confused with the township of Stanstead, Quebec). In 2009, CBSA officially renamed this port of entry "Stanstead 55".

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