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Teams of FC Twente and Heracles before a match

The Derby of Twente (also known as Derby of the East) is a football derby between the two professional football teams in Twente in the Eredivisie: FC Twente (from Enschede) and Heracles Almelo (from Almelo). Also outside football there is rivalry between both cities (especially in Almelo).


Before 1965 (when FC Twente was founded) there were more professional football teams in Twente, so consequently there were more derbies. The main derbies were the Enschede Derby between Sportclub Enschede and Enschedese Boys (the two teams that formed FC Twente) and the old Derby of Twente between Sportclub Enschede and Heracles. After 1965 the new derby did not immediately gained a lot of attention with the fans, also because Heracles would relegate to the Eerste divisie one year later. Until 2005 (when Heracles definitively promoted to the Eredivisie again) the derby was only played occasionally for the KNVB Cup and in 1983 when FC Twente relegated for one year to the Eerste divisie and 1986 when Heracles promoted for one year to the Eredivisie). Recently the derby gained more attention, not only because it is played annually again, but also since the success of both teams increased the prestige and importance of the derby increased with it.

The match[edit]

Since FC Twente always have been the biggest of both teams, they have won the majority of the derbies. However, since winning the Derby of the East means more to the fans of Heracles, this team managed to gain a lot of success in these matches as well.

The fans[edit]

Although the fans consider the derby as an important match, the atmosphere remains friendly. The youth squads of both teams have merged in the FC Twente voetbalacademie. In Almelo approximately 400 season ticket holders of FC Twente live, while in Enschede there are about 150 season ticket holders for Heracles.

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