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Derek Attridge FBA (6 May 1945) is a South African-born British academic in the field of English literature and the current Professor of English at the University of York; a post he has held since 2003.

Dr. Attridge's new work, The Cambridge History of South African Literature, to be co-edited with Dr. David Atwell of York, will mark the 10th time that Cambridge University Press will be publishing a work by Dr. Attridge.


Attridge received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Natal University in South Africa before moving to the UK to complete his Master of Arts (MA) and PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Research interests[edit]

Attridge undertakes research in South African literature, James Joyce, deconstruction and literary theory and the performance of poetry.

Principal publications[edit]

Selected publications

Well-weighed Syllables: Elizabethan Verse in Classical Metres Cambridge University Press, 1974

The Rhythms of English Poetry Longman, 1982

Post-structuralist Joyce (co-edited with Daniel Ferrer) Cambridge University Press, 1984

The Linguistics of Writing: Arguments between Language and Literature (co-edited with Nigel Fabb, Alan Durant, and Colin MacCabe) Manchester University Press and Routledge, 1987

Post-structuralism and the Question of History (co-edited with Geoff Bennington and Robert Young) Cambridge University Press, 1987

Peculiar Language: Literature as Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce. Cornell University Press and Methuen, 1988; reissued, Routledge, 2004

The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce (edited) Cambridge University Press 1990; second, revised edition, 2004

Acts of Literature, by Jacques Derrida (edited) Routledge, 1992

Poetic Rhythm: An Introduction Cambridge University Press, 1995

Writing South Africa: Literature, Apartheid, and Democracy 1970-1995 (co-edited with Rosemary Jolly). Cambridge University Press, 1998

Joyce Effects: On Language, Theory, and History Cambridge University Press, 2000

Semicolonial Joyce (co-edited with Marjorie Howes) Cambridge University Press, 2000

Meter and Meaning: An Introduction to Rhythm in Poetry (with Thomas Carper) Routledge, 2003

J. M.Coetzee and the Ethics of Reading: Literature in the Event University of Chicago Press and KwaZulu-Natal University Press, 2004

The Singularity of Literature Routledge, 2004

Ulysses: A Casebook (edited) Oxford University Press, 2004

How to Read Joyce Granta Books, 2007

Theory after 'Theory' (co-edited with Jane Elliott) Routledge, 2010

Reading and Responsibility: Deconstruction’s Traces Edinburgh University Press, 2010

Previous appointments[edit]


  • Mr Derek Attridge (1945–1972)
  • Dr Derek Attridge (1972–1984)
  • Prof. Derek Attridge (1984–2007)
  • Prof. Derek Attridge FBA (2007-)

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