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Derek Colanduno
Born (1974-01-19) January 19, 1974 (age 40)
Nationality United States
Occupation Software engineer
Known for Skepticality, Dragon*Con Skeptrack, podcasting

Derek Colanduno (born January 19, 1974)[1] is an American skeptic and podcaster. He is the creator and co-host, with Robynn "Swoopy" McCarthy, of the talk show Skepticality,[2] the official biweekly podcast of The Skeptics Society's Skeptic magazine.[3]

Derek has contributed to several other podcasts including The Pickle Round-Up for and AMP'd the weekly music review show for the Association of Independent Music Podcasters. Derek is the Director for the Skeptic fan track at Dragon*Con.[4]

On September 8, 2005, during a dinner celebrating Skepticality being mentioned during a Steve Jobs speech, Derek suffered a stroke. He was in a coma for six weeks and had six months of rehabilitation, which was recounted for the listeners by his cohost.[5] After he recovered, the podcast became the official podcast of the Skeptics Society.[6]

Colanduno's parents are from New Jersey but he grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.[7] Before moving to Atlanta, Colanduno was a rock radio DJ in Las Vegas.[2]

He has been interviewed on the XM-Sirius show & podcast Slice of SciFi,[8] the podcast Disability 411[9][10] The Skeptic Zone podcast[11] and for the website Cuddly Atheism.[12]

He is the namesake for the asteroid 106545 Colanduno.[13] It was named for him by Jeff Medkeff because he felt Derek had "pioneered the new media of podcasting and put it to service for skeptical thinking."[14]

During a demonstration of the James Randi Educational Foundation One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge on the last night of The Amazing Meeting 8, "claimant" Anita Ikonen was asked to view 5 persons to determine which is missing a kidney. Hal Bidlack in chair #2 was the target but Ikonen failed the demonstration by picking Derek Colanduno in chair #3.[15]

Bidlack & Colanduno relax while being "viewed"

In a September 2012 interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Colanduno was asked his opinion on marketing to the increasing "godless" market. He states that it was the Internet that brought the movement together, before that, "it was the old guard, the old white-haired men meeting in peoples’ basements."[16]

Recording an episode of Skepticality at TAM 2013


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On Kylie Sturgess's podcast panel during Skeptrack at Dragon Con Sept. 5, 2011

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