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The psychologist Derek Salman Pugh (August 31, 1930 in London) is a well renowned[citation needed] organisational researcher, university lecturer, consultant and influential[citation needed] author of papers and 15 books including the first three volumes of the Aston Research Programme.


Until his retirement (2000), Pugh served as Professor for International Management at the British Open University (commencing 1983). Previously, he taught at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (1953–1957), Birmingham (UK) (1957–1960), Aston (1960–1967) and the London Business School (1968–1969). Additionally, he held lectures in France, Germany, Israel and Italy.[1]

Pugh earned his academical merits at the University of Edinburgh (MA 1953, MSc 1956) and the University of Aston (DSc 1973).[2]

Within his main subject, Pugh is an influential author and researcher for organisational development (OD). Besides heading and influencing the Aston Group, Pugh is renowned for the Pugh Matrix, a frequently used tool within OD.


Pugh is honoured by the Open University with the yearly award of the Professor-Derek-Pugh-Award for the best student in the OU's Certificate Programme.[3]

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