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Derek See (born June 6, 1975) is an American musician, music producer and music writer.[1][2] He formerly played with the Careless Hearts, a band in the San Jose, California area, and presently performs as a soloist as well as with The Bang Girl Group Revue and Joel Gion & The Primary Colours.

After meeting Iggy and the Stooges guitarist James Williamson at the Gryphon Stringed Instruments store in Palo Alto, where he was an employee, See rehearsed and played guitar at a concert at with Williamson at The Blank Club in San Jose on September 5, 2009. A recording of the performance was released by Easy Action Records in 2010 as "James Williamson & The Careless Hearts Live At The Blank Club".[3]

See became Williamson's guitar roadie for Stooges touring,[4] and has played keyboards onstage with the band during "Penetration." See also plays lead guitar in the Bay Area retro girl group "The Bang Girl Group Revue" and is a record collector; his website "Derek's Daily 45"[5] is a resource for information about 45 RPM records from the 1960s.

See also played guitar and sang (as Derek Cullimore) for psychedelic rockers I, Sharko, who released an album on Bomp! Records in 1996.[6] See also writes for Shindig Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine.[7]



  • 1995 I, Sharko: I, Sharko (Bomp Records, guitar, vocal, keyboards)
  • 2003 Derek See: Derek See
  • 2004 Resplendent: I Am Free (guitar)
  • 2006 Derek See: Adobe Creek
  • 2006 Careless Hearts : Careless Hearts (guitar, vocal, production)
  • 2008 Careless Hearts: Hearts Delight (guitar, vocal)
  • 2010 James Williamson & The Careless Hearts : Live At The Blank Club (guitar, liner notes)
  • 2011 The Bang: Another Notch On His Belt (7" 45)
  • 2012 The Bang Girl Group Revue: Soul Shangri-La (guitar, production) (Psychedelphonic Records CD, LP- red vinyl limited to 100 copies, rest black)
  • 2013: Derek See: She Came This Way / McQueen (Slight Return) (Psychedelphonic Records 7" 45 vinyl, digital EP)
  • 2014: Derek See: U Line (Trip Two) / Love Is The Plan (Psychedelphonic Records 7" 45 vinyl)


Videography: 2011: Iggy & The Stooges: In The Hands Of The Fans


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