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Dermatomal mesenchyme
Transverse section of a human embryo of the third week to show the differentiation of the primitive segment. ao. Aorta. m.p. Muscle-plate. n.c. Neural canal. sc. Sclerotome. s.p. Dermatome.
Latin mesenchyma dermatomiale
Gives rise to dermis
Code TE E5.
For other uses, see Dermatome (disambiguation).

The dermatome is the dorsal portion of the paraxial mesoderm somite which gives rise to dermis. It arises in the third week of embryogenesis.[1]It is formed when a dermamyotome (the remaining part of the somite left when the sclerotome migrates), splits to form the dermatome and the myotome.[2]The dermatomes contribute to the skin (dermis), fat and connective tissue of the neck and of the trunk, though most of the skin is derived from lateral plate mesoderm.[2]

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