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Dernekpazarı is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 40°48′N 40°14′E / 40.800°N 40.233°E / 40.800; 40.233Coordinates: 40°48′N 40°14′E / 40.800°N 40.233°E / 40.800; 40.233
Country Turkey
Province Trabzon
 • Mayor Mehmet Aşık (AKP)
 • District 81.91 km2 (31.63 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 1,503
 • District 3,485
 • District density 43/km2 (110/sq mi)
Climate Cfa

Dernekpazarı is a town and district of Trabzon Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.The old name of the town was Kondu(or Kondualtı). The mayor is Mehmet Aşık (AKP).


The history of Dernekpazari is related to the history of the Trabzon which is the biggest city of the Black Sea Region.The colonists are considering the very first founders of the town but according to some historians(Charles Texier, Fallmaerayer, Pullant, Horedot, Ş.Günaltay etc.) there were some sedentary tribe people in town,origined from central Asia.History of Dernekpazarı shaped depending on Trabzon's history. Ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantine Greeks and Ottoman Turks were ruled the town.



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