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The IMT Des Moines Marathon is a marathon held annually in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. It serves as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Race day features the IMT Des Moines Marathon and Half Marathon, Bankers Trust Marathon Relay presented by Iowa Games, and The Principal Financial Group 5K Road Race.

All races start and finish in the heart of downtown Des Moines on the Locust Street Bridge at 8 a.m.

"The IMT Des Moines Marathon is all about community; the community of volunteers, race committee, and the great city of Des Moines that embraces this awesome event. The IMT Des Moines Marathon is a perfect size event with 9,000 runners. Large enough that you have plenty of runners to run with but small enough that you feel like you're part of the IMT Des Moines Marathon family," Bart Yasso, Runner's World Chief Running Officer.

The first running of the Marathon was in 2002. More than 9,000 athletes participated in the 2013 races.

Men's Winners[edit]

Year Athlete Country/State Time Notes
2002 Sawe, SimonSimon Sawe  Kenya 2:22:57
2003 Gatiha, WilsonWilson Gatiha  United States 2:26:04
2004 Nochevny, SergeySergey Nochevny  Russia 2:27:34
2005 Vanegas, DiegoDiego Vanegas  United States 2:35:57
2006 Nyamboki, JaredJared Nyamboki  United States 2:23:36
2007 Chepkwony, David David Chepkwony  United States 2:22:57 ties course record
2008 Kiptrotich, Geoffrey Geoffrey Kiprotich  United States 2:23:55
2009 Sawe, SimonSimon Sawe  Kenya 2:24:50 2nd victory
2010 Kirwa, JamesJames Kirwa  Kenya 2:14:20 course record
2011 Kirwa, JamesJames Kirwa  Kenya 2:12:54 2nd victory, course record
2012 Kirwa, JamesJames Kirwa  Kenya 2:16:54 3rd victory
2013 Tuwei, DavidDavid Tuwei  Kenya 2:17:23
2014 Lagat, Philip Philip Lagat  Kenya 2:12:19 course record

Women's Winners[edit]

Year Athlete Country/State Time Notes
2002 Hall, WendyWendy Hall  United States 2:50:38
2003 Hall, WendyWendy Hall  United States 2:49:46 2nd victory, female record
2004 Nielsen, ChristyChristy Nielsen  United States 2:47:01 female record
2005 Terris, WendyWendy Terris  United States 2:55:50
2006 Friedman, RobynRobyn Friedman  United States 2:42:19 female record
2007 Gillette, MelissaMelissa Gillette  United States 3:00:51
2008 Terris, WendyWendy Terris  United States 2:49:37 2nd victory
2009 Friedman, RobynRobyn Friedman  United States 2:41:28 2nd victory, female record
2010 Vinitskaya, AlenaAlena Vinitskaya  United States 2:41:23 female record
2011 Asfaw, AtalelechAtalelech Asfaw  Ethiopia 2:37:55 female record
2012 Akor, MaryMary Akor  United States 2:35:01 female record
2013 Sokolova, NataliaNatalia Sokolova  Russia 2:33:03 female record
2014 Simegn, Abnet Abnet Simegn  Ethiopia 2:32:28 female record

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