Des Pardes

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Des Pardes
Directed by Dev Anand
Produced by Dev Anand,
Amit Khanna,
Navketan International Films
Written by Dev Anand,
Suraj Sanim
Starring Dev Anand
Tina Munim
Amjad Khan
Music by Rajesh Roshan
Amit Khanna (lyrics)
Cinematography Fali Mistry,
D. K. Prabhakar
Release dates
29 June 1978 (1978-06-29)
Country India
Language Hindi

Des Pardes (Hindi: देस परदेस; translation: Home and Foreign Land) is a 1978 Hindi film produced and directed by Dev Anand. This family drama stars Dev Anand and Tina Munim (debut film), with Ajit Khan, Pran, Amjad Khan, Shreeram Lagoo, Tom Alter, Bindu, Prem Chopra, A. K. Hangal, Sujit Kumar, Mehmood and Paintal in supporting cast. For the first time, Dev Anand chose comparatively new music director Rajesh Roshan for this film, who did full justice to his selection as most of the songs became quite popular. The film received Filmfare award for its sets and also received nomination for best music director.

The message is about the trend with some people, at the time, to earn money from foreign land and innocent ones being trapped and tormented by the illicit operators.


Samir Sahni is a farmer living with his mom, dad, wife, Rama, a young daughter, and his younger brother, Veer. Samir gets an offer to work in the U.K., and departs accordingly. He would like to settle there, and after doing so, would like his family to also join him. The years go by, and Samir keeps in touch with his family regularly. Then the Sahni family stop receiving any letters from him, and are anxious to know what has happened to him. Veer is asked to travel to U.K. to find out, and he does so. What he finds are tens of thousands of East Indians on fake passports, working for less than minimum wages, poor unhealthy conditions, fear of being deported, and paying half of their earnings to fellow East Indians who had got them here through the underground. Veer finds no sign of his brother, and sets out to investigate, only to find deceit, murder, and his very own life in danger.




Song Singers Time Notes
"Nazrana Bheja Kisine Pyar Ka" Kishore Kumar 4:25 Popular song
"Yeh Des Pardes" Kishore Kumar 4:05 Popular song
"Aap Kahen Aur Ham Na Aaye" Lata Mangeshkar 5:40 Popular song
"Jaisa Des Waisa Bhes" Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar 4:50
"Nazar Lage Na Sathiyon" Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, Vijay Benedict, Manhar Udhas 4:30 Popular song
"Tu Pee Aur Jee" Kishore Kumar 5:25 Popular song
"Yeh Des Pardes" Kishore Kumar & Chorus 4:05

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