Descendant (2003 film)

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Directed by Kermit Christman
Del Tenney
Written by Kermit Christman (Screenplay)
Margot Hartman
Starring Jeremy London,
Katherine Heigl
Arie Verveen
Language English

Descendant is a 2003 film starring Katherine Heigl and Jeremy London based on the story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe.


Ethan Poe, a writer living in the shadow of his infamous ancestor, is under deadline to finish his next book. He moves to a smalltown to concentrate on his novel and meets Anne who falls for the troubled writer. When the shadow of Poe's ghost falls over the two lovers women turn up murdered in Poe-etic fashion. Ethan is the Police's prime suspect. Is Anne next to be murdered? Can she save herself from the dark curse on the Poe family?[1]


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