Desertores Islands

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Desertores Islands
Native name: Islas Desertores
Desertores Islands, between Chiloé and Palena
Coordinates 42°42′03″S 73°01′15″W / 42.700779°S 73.020813°W / -42.700779; -73.020813Coordinates: 42°42′03″S 73°01′15″W / 42.700779°S 73.020813°W / -42.700779; -73.020813
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Major islands Auten, Chuit, Chulin, Imerquiña, Nayahue, Talcan and Silla del Diablo
Region Los Lagos
Province Palena
Additional information
NGA UFI -879525

Desertores Islands are a group of six islands in the Sea of Chiloé, between Chiloé Island and the Chilean mainland. The islands are considered to belong to Chiloé Archipelago although they are administered as part of Palena Province instead of Chiloé Province. Desertores Islands are the easternmost islands of Chiloé and the easternmost of the islands, Talcan, lies only 6 km from the mainland.