Desford Community Primary School

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Coordinates: 52°37′26″N 1°17′56″W / 52.624°N 1.299°W / 52.624; -1.299

Desford Community Primary School
Established 1969
Type Primary School
Headteacher Martin Turnham
Location Kirby Road
Students 237
Gender Mixed
Ages 4–11
Colours Blue, white and black
Mascot Reindeer
Contact No 01455 822379
Website Desford Community Primary School

Desford Community Primary School (DCPS or DPS) is a primary school for all students living in Desford and nearby districts for ages 4 to 11. The number of students attending the school in 2006 was 329. As of 2009, there are 237 students. The school mascot is the reindeer.


The school was established in late 1969.

Lessons and the School Grounds[edit]

All lessons take place in your own year room (except P.E). The year rooms are used as tutors would in secondary schools. The students have the same teacher for all lessons, with the exception of P.E.


There are various types of activities students will do in P.E.

P.E Activity Placement
Gymnastics Big hall, indoors
Dance (girls and boys) Big hall, indoors
Acrobatics Big hall, indoors
Football Playground, outdoors
Rugby Inner field, outdoors
Running (track) Inner field, outdoors
Swimming Bosworth College swimming pool, indoors

When students are doing swimming, they walk down to Bosworth Academy (with their swimming kit in pairs), to use their indoor, heated swimming pool. After their swimming lesson is over, they walk back to primary school just in-time for next lesson (or break/lunch).

Year 6[edit]

During the last year of primary school, year 6 students perform a play to the rest of the school, and then again to parents.

Uniform and P.E Kit[edit]

The school uniform consists of a blue sweater or blue fleece (both with the school logo), white, red, yellow, blue or green polo shirts and black trousers or skirts. The student can chose the shoes, as long as they are suitable for school. The P.E kit is a blue shirt (with the school logo) and black shorts or tracksuit bottoms.