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Birth name Desislava Ivanova Doneva
Genres Pop, Dance, Pop-folk
Occupations singer
Years active 1998–present
Labels New Music Stars, Payner

Desislava Ivanova Doneva (Bulgarian: Десислава Иванова Донева) (born 7 March 1979), better known as DesiSlava (ДесиСлава) is a Bulgarian singer of pop-folk and pop music. DesiSlava is considered to be one of the greatest voices of contemporary Bulgarian music, being able to perform in different styles, from jazz to rock and pop-folk. Since 2012, DesiSlava is also internationally known under the name of DESS. The singer chose to create pop music as DESS, in order to be distinguishable from the pop folk genre.[1] As DESS, she released dance songs "I Like", "Only One" and "It Ain't Over", a duet with dance music producer and singer Alek Sandar,"Baby" and "You and Me",also with Alek Sandar.

Slava had a son in 2001, who is called Mayki (Майки) (pronounced 'Mikey').[2]

In 2007, Slava took part in Bulgaria's Big Brother VIP 2007, becoming the runner-up in the competition.[3] In the same year, she announced that she planned to adopt a girl.[4]


Main article: DesiSlava discography
  • "No Problems" - 1998
  • Heads Tails - 2000
  • White nights VHS - 2000
  • Forever - 2001
  • Mystery - 2002
  • The Best of DesiSlava - 2004
  • Love Is Just A Feeling - 2004
  • Together - 2004
  • DesiSlava DVD - 2005
  • Hot Trail - 2005
  • Sweet Dreams - 2006
  • Listen To Your Heart - 2009
  • "Slavatronika" - 2011
  • "It ain't over"(with Alek Sandar) - 2012


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