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Jump to: navigation, search, New York is one of the premier online websites for South Asians worldwide. Being one of the original South Asian niche-focused websites, it has sustained its presence and success by offering cutting-edge content and services. It has a large following in North America, with a growing userbase in India Alexa.[1]

Some of the content it provides relates to the latest event information in all major cities in the US and Canada, Bollywood content and music updates and user profiles. Some of its services include a full-fledged ticketing service, (which provides ticketing to most of the South Asian events taking place in the US, as well as movies). is the leading online ticketing outlet in the US for Indian concerts and events.

History[edit] was founded by Saroosh Gull. It has maintained its strategic position in Indian media by having penetrated the local Indian marketplace in all major cities.</ref>

Online ticketing[edit]

Its history in the event marketing space has helped position Desiclub as a leader in online ticketing for the Indian-American marketplace.

In addition to offering online ticketing and classifieds, has reached the South Asian demographic in North America through its content and services.

Desiclub helps[edit]

Due its success, has also developed a non-profit agenda, where it donates a percentage of its revenue to a select a minor number of non-profits Desiclub Helps.


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