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Design Academy Eindhoven
Established 1947
Location Eindhoven, Netherlands

Design Academy Eindhoven is an interdisciplinary educational institute for art, architecture and design in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The work of its faculty and alumni have brought it international recognition, and it has been called the "best design academy in the world."[1]


The Design Academy Eindhoven was established in 1947 and was originally named the Akademie Industriële Vormgeving Eindhoven. In 1997, the Academy moved into "De Witte Dame" (The White Lady) building and subsequently changed its name to Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). In 1999, Li Edelkoort, was elected chairwoman of the Academy. In 2009 she left the Design Academy to pursue personal projects and was replaced by Anne Mieke Eggenkamp as chair. Since 2013 Thomas Widdershoven is chairman. Thomas Widdershoven is founder and designer at Thonik design Amsterdam.


The Bachelors program is split into eight interdisciplinary departments, broadly covering: art, architecture, fashion design, graphic design and industrial design. As the structure of the Bachelors program is intended to be flexible, students are free to move between departments and all students graduate with the same degree, a Bachelors of Design.

The DAE also offers three distinct Masters programs: MDes Contextual Design, MDes Social Design and MDes Information Design.


The Design Academy Eindhoven's (DAE) emphasis on engaging complex social and cultural issues has gained it an international reputation. The well-known Dutch collective Droog Design features several DAE alumni, Orange Alert organizes exhibitions and events of DAE students work in New York, which are very successful, and several DAE alumni have been nominated for the "Designer of the Year" awards at the Design Museum in London.[1]

The book House of Concepts: Design Academy Eindhoven, published by FRAME Publishers (Amsterdam) in 2008, tells the 60-year history of the academy, outlining how many significant Dutch artists, architects and designers have been associated with the DAE.[2]


Every year, in the fall, the Dutch Design Week is held in Eindhoven with an array of Design-related events. These include the graduation exhibit (featuring the works of that year's graduates of the DAE) and the Dutch Design Awards.

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