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Industry Application service provider
Fate Shut down [1]
Founded December, 1998[2]
Defunct 2001[1]
Key people
Katie Burke Mitic, Larry Drebes, and Karen Drebes; Founders was an Application Service Provider founded by Katie Burke Mitic, Larry Drebes, and Karen Drebes. They created a Web application compatible with the Internet Explorer 4 browser (and announced compatibility with Netscape Navigator 4) that effectively simulates a user's desktop over the World Wide Web, so that it is accessible from anywhere.

A full window management and application launching system existed, controlled by JavaScript code. Much of this code was downloaded during the login process, which made the first access very long (e.g. a few minutes) but the resulting user experience was like that one of desktop applications and not what would have been expected from traditional web applications. may be characterized as a predecessor to the later concepts of Ajax, rich Internet applications, web desktop, etc.


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