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Micrasterias furcata
Scientific classification
Class: Zygnemophyceae
Order: Desmidiales


Desmids are an order (Desmidiales) in the Charophyta, a division of green algae that forms a sister group to the land plants (Embryophyta).[1] The Desmidiales comprise around 40 genera and 5,000[2] to 6,000[3] species, found mostly but not exclusively in fresh water. Most are unicellular, the cell sometimes divided into two compartments separated by a narrow bridge or isthmus. Desmids assume a variety of highly symmetrical and generally attractive shapes, which provide the basis for their classification. Each compartment has one chloroplast, and no flagella. Sexual reproduction occurs through a process of conjugation,[4] also found among the Zygnematales. These two groups are closely related, and comprise the class Zygnematophyceae. The desmids are sometimes treated as members of the Zygnematales,[citation needed] but more often given the separate order Desmidiales.

Desmids possess characteristic crystals of Barium sulphate at either end of the cell[5] which exhibit a continuous Brownian type motion.


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