Destination (Eloy album)

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Studio album by Eloy
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Progressive rock
Length 53:36
Label SPV
Producer Frank Bornemann
Eloy chronology
Chronicles I

Destination is the fifteenth album by the German progressive rock band Eloy, released in 1992. It was the second album to be recorded with the new line-up of Frank Bornemann and Michael Gerlach. It also marked the return of Klaus-Peter Matziol, who last played with Eloy on the 1984 Metromania album.

Track listing[edit]

Music by Frank Bornemann / Michael Gerlach. Lyrics by Frank Bornemann / Diana Baden.

  1. "Call of the Wild" – 7:01
  2. "Racing Shadows" – 7:12
  3. "Destination" – 7:41
  4. "Prisoner in Mind" – 4:27
  5. "Silent Revolution" – 7:55
  6. "Fire and Ice" – 5:11
  7. "Eclipse of Mankind" – 6:29
  8. "Jeanne d'Arc" – 7:37


Guest musicians[edit]

  • Nico Baretta — drums
  • Klaus-Peter Matziol — bass on "Silent revolution" and "Racing shadows"
  • Detlev Goy — bass on "Jeanne d'Arc", "Fire and ice" and "Call of the wild"
  • Helge Engelke — bass on "Destination", "Prisoner in mind", rhythm-guitars on "Prisoner in mind", acoustic-guitar and solo-guitar on "Fire and ice"
  • Kai Steffen — solo-guitar on "Silent revolution"
  • Lenny McDowell — Flute on "Destination" and "Call of the wild"
  • Classical Choir on "Jeanne d'Arc" arranged and conducted by Peter Chrastina