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Dostinik or Destinikon (Serbian: Достиник, Dostinik, Greek: Δεστινίκον, Latin: Dostinica[1]) was the first capital of Serbia (Rascia) during the Middle Ages (early 7th century) in present-day Metohija (Drsnik)[2][3] or Prijepolje-Sjenica[4][5] or somewhere between rivers Bosna and Drina.[6]

Remains of a fortification thought to be that of Destinikon have been found in the Archaeological site of Vrsjenice, near Sjenica. The findings date from late antiquity and early Byzantine.[7]

Serbia comprised the following fortifications (καστρα, 'castle'): Destinikon (Δεστινίκον), Černavusk (Τςερναωουσκεή), Međurečje (Μεγυρέτονς), Dresneik (Δρεσνεηκ), Lesnik (Λεσνηκ), Salines (Σαληνέζ), in the Zhupa of Bosnia (Βοσνωνα): Katera (Κατερα) and Desnik (Δέσνηκ).

Klonimir of Serbia had Destinikon occupied during his rule in the 9th century.[8]

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