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Devghat, Nepal
Village development committee
Devghat, Nepal is located in Nepal
Devghat, Nepal
Devghat, Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°48′N 84°25′E / 27.80°N 84.41°E / 27.80; 84.41Coordinates: 27°48′N 84°25′E / 27.80°N 84.41°E / 27.80; 84.41
Country    Nepal
Zone Gandaki Zone
District Tanahu District
Population (1991)
 • Total 5,786
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

Devghat is a town and village development committee in Tanahu District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 5786 people living in 1132 individual households.[1]

The town is located at the junction of the Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki rivers, and is one of the holiest places in Hindu mythology as well as a holy place for Hindu gods. Lying 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from the city of Narayangarh, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Sauraha and 150 kilometres (93 mi) southwest of the capital Kathmandu, the area boasts many natural features due to its geography and climate including tropical forests, wild animals and birds.


Bus service is available from the Pokhara bus station in Narayangarh city while private taxis and cars can be hired in the city.

Religious sites[edit]

Devghat is home to various temples and caves of Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints including Goddess Sita's cave, Bashistha Cave, Radha Krishna Temple, Galeshwor Temple, Sita Ram Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Shankaracharya Temple, Bageshori Temple, Laxmi Narayan Divya Dham, Maula Kalika Temple, and Bishwa Shanti Dharmashala among others. Mahesh Sanyas, Hari Hara, Sharana Gati, Galeshwor, Radha Sarbeshwor Bhajan and Yogi Narahari Nath are ashrams where various religious activities are performed all year round. In Makar Sankranti, huge melas (gatherings) are observed each year making it one of the largest religious melas in Nepal. The date when this festival started remains unknown. Hindu pilgrims bathe at the junction of the Krishna Gandaki river well known for its rare 'Saligram Sheela (holy stone), which Hindu devotees worship as Lord Vishnu which are in India.

Modern development[edit]

Devghat has three high schools, one post-graduate college, three retirement home projects, one ayurvedic health station, part of Bharatpur medical college, the guest house of B P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital etc. Volunteers from various health organizations provide free health check up camps on a regular basis. A historic suspension bridge connects the Tanahun and Chitwan districts of the town.

The government of Nepal has established Devghat Area Development Committee for the integrated development of this area while the non-resident Nepalese Association has established a project to construct 200 retirement homes in the Chitwan district of the town.

A proposed Saptagandaki hydropower plant is in the pipeline for construction. It is expected that living standards in the area will improve if the project goes ahead.

Devghat Area Development committee has started constructing Hindu end of life ritual sites, with economic assistance from the Government of Nepal.

Notable people[edit]

  • Swami Dr Ramananda Giri
  • Khema Raj Keshav Sharan
  • Swami Aatmananda Giri
  • Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya
  • Gyana Nanda Saraswati
  • Late Yogi Narahari Nath
  • Late Laxmi Sharan Paudel
  • Ruk Mini Sharan Sigdel
  • Dr Krishna Prasad Khanal, MD Sports Medicine
  • Dr Guru Prasad Subedi
  • Late Dilliram Bramhachari
  • Late sakul mahat



  • Mahesh Sanskrit Gurkul bidyspeeth (Mahabidhyalaya): Post-graduate college affiliated with Nepal Sanskrit University founded by Swami Dr Ramananda Giri, a renowned Hindu pandit and social worker. Various Sanskrit specialties are taught in this boarding institution.
  • Sita Ram Sanskrit Secondary School: Established in 1979 in the Chitwan district of Devghat it has its own free hostel facility. Students are offered scholarships if they do well in the examinations.
  • Ramananda Gurukulam: Established by the late Dilliram Baba. Genuine students are offered free education, residence and food on a boarding basis.
  • Galeshwar Gurukul Ashram: Established by the late Galeshwar Baba in the Tanahun district of Deavghat.
  • Kalika higher Secondary School: Located in the Tanahun district.
  • Sharanagati Gurukul Ashram: Founded by Acharya Keshavsharan.

Health care[edit]

  • Devghat Ayurveda Health Post: Located in the Chitwan district, it is the oldest health post in this area providing both traditional and ayurvedic modes of treatment to local people.
  • College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur Chitwan Rural Health Program: Regular healthcheck ups and medicine distribution are conducted by the Indian funded College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.
  • Aatmananda Giri Dharmartha Hospital: This is a proposed hospital to be built by religious personality Aatmananda Giri.

Retirement homes[edit]

  • Devghat Development Committee operated Old Age Home: The oldest retirement home in this area run by a state owned organization with a capacity of around 150 beds.
  • Rotary International operated Old Age Home: Located in the Chitwan district.
  • NRN Briddhashram: Currently under construction by the Non-Resident Nepalese Association to have a 200-bed capacity.


To Promote local culture Devghat has one FM radio station Radio Devghat - 102.6 MHz Which is a Community radio Station.

UNESCO World Heritage[edit]

Because of the historic "Panchadeval" both at Chakrawati complex in Tanahun part of Devghat and Bageshwori in Chitwan part of Devghat; there has been growing demand in local and national level to be listed in the World Heritage sites of UNESCO. Local peoples has increasing awareness to protect historic biodiversity and Saal forest in this area.

Construction of the bridge between Tanahun and Chitwan part of Devghat[edit]

There is increasing demand from the local and relious society, Narayangargh and Bharatpur area being the commercial gateway for Devghat area; motorable bridge should be built between; replacing the old suspension bridge. Security concern has been raised on technical ground since the suspension bridge has been old and worn out.

Devghat Area Religious Trekking[edit]

Trekking route is under construction which will connect Devghat with other holy shrines and important tourist destinations around this area. This trekking route is being developed to enhance the religious, healthy and fraternal living among the citizens around this area and also tourists (both domestic and foreign). Local people are hopeful that this will enhance the protection effort for the biodiversity.


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