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Devi Ever : FX is a boutique effects pedal company formerly based in Portland, Oregon, now based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, that was founded in 2003.[1][2] The company is named after the company's founder, Devi Ever. All of the effects pedals are hand built in the United States, in small batches. They have produced noteworthy fuzz[3][4] and distortion pedals,[5] often with emphasis on another effect such as scrambling, gating or tremolo. Some effects also utilize unusual features such as built in photoresistors, joysticks and effects loops. Devi Ever : FX was previously known as Effector 13.

On June 29, 2012 Devi Ever successfully raised $40,892 for "The Console", a modular effects system, through the Kickstarter crowdfunding service.[6] On December 4, 2013, Devi Ever announced the failure and discontinuation of the project, citing financial mismanagement on her part.[7] By January 2014 the company had been taken over by Dwarfcraft devices, which said it would continue to produce and sell Devi ever devices.[8]


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