Devil Island

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For other islands with similar names, see Devils Island.
The island is an important breeding site for Adélie Penguins

Devil Island is a 128 ha, ice-free island about 2 km long, in the James Ross Island group near the north-eastern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. It lies in a small cove 1 km north of Vega Island, east of the Trinity Peninsula. It is characterised by several low hills rising to a maximum height of about 150 m.[1]

Important Bird Area[edit]

The site has been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because it supports a large breeding colony of about 15,000 pairs of Adélie Penguins. Other birds recorded as nesting there include Brown Skuas and Snow Petrels.[1]


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Coordinates: 63°48′S 57°17′W / 63.800°S 57.283°W / -63.800; -57.283