Devils Gate Power Station

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Devils Gate Power Station
Devil's Gate Dam Tasmania.jpg
Devils Gate Power Station is located in Tasmania
Devils Gate Power Station
Location of Devils Gate Power Station in Tasmania
Country Australia
Location Tasmania
Coordinates 41°21′1″S 146°15′48″E / 41.35028°S 146.26333°E / -41.35028; 146.26333Coordinates: 41°21′1″S 146°15′48″E / 41.35028°S 146.26333°E / -41.35028; 146.26333
Commission date 1969
Owner(s) Hydro Tasmania
Power generation
Primary fuel Hydroelectric
Units operational 1
Nameplate capacity 63 MW (84,000 hp)

Devils Gate Power Station is a hydroelectric power station commissioned in 1969. It is in the Mersey-Forth catchment in Tasmania. The station has one Francis-type turbine, with a generating capacity of 63 megawatts (84,000 hp).[1]

The Devils Gate Dam created Lake Barrington, a world famous rowing venue that hosted the 1990 World Rowing Championships. The dam is 84 metres (276 ft) high. It is one of the thinnest concrete arch dams in the world.[1]


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