Devils Peak (Santa Barbara County, California)

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Devils Peak
Devils Peak is located in California
Devils Peak
Devils Peak
Santa Barbara County, California, U.S.
Elevation 2,429 ft (740 m) NAVD 88[1]
Range Channel Islands
Coordinates 34°01′45″N 119°47′04″W / 34.029110419°N 119.784396669°W / 34.029110419; -119.784396669Coordinates: 34°01′45″N 119°47′04″W / 34.029110419°N 119.784396669°W / 34.029110419; -119.784396669[1]
Topo map Santa Cruz Island B

Devils Peak (or Mount Diablo) at 2,429 feet (740 m) is the tallest peak on the Channel Islands of California. It is located on Santa Cruz Island within Channel Islands National Park on land owned by The Nature Conservancy. Visiting the area requires a permit.[2]

Devil's Peak is the highest mountain on an ocean island in the contiguous 48 states, edging out Mount Constitution on Orcas Island by a few feet.[3]


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