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Devival is a term used by both Discordianism and the later Church of the Subgenius for a gathering or festival of followers. The name is a pun on Christian revivals[citation needed].

SubGenius Devivals[edit]

Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius at The Cyclone of Slack
For more details on this topic, see Church of the SubGenius § Devivals.


SubGenius devivals are not regularly scheduled, but are recorded on the SubGenius website[1] back to 1991. The term is known to have been coined in 1980 by Pastor Buck Naked.

Cyclone of Slack (2009)[edit]

The Cyclone of Slack[2][3] was a Devival in Portland, Oregon, in October 2009 put on by the joint efforts of the Church of the Subgenius[4] and the organizers of Esozone.

One of the more bizarre moments of the evening was when suddenly, in 2s and 3s, the alcohol and fire-and-brimstone sermon fueled crowd in front of the stage began to sit down and Slack when the Duke of Uke began to play his ukulele.[5]

"Go Fuck Yourself" Devival (2010)[edit]

Detroit Devival (2010)[edit]

Pittsburgh Devival (2013)[edit]

Amino Acids "Slack Hole" Record Release Devival (2013)[edit]

Discordian Devivals[edit]

Discordian devivals are bi-yearly gatherings of Discordians worldwide. The first Devival was held on June 8-June 14, 2008 and was a great success with over 50000 people attending from around the globe. Devival celebrations are simultaneously held at a number of locations, to maximise the ease of attendance.

The next Devival was to be held in 2012.

Devival I (2008)[edit]

Devival I was simultaneously held at five locations determined by a secret ballot run on the single transferable vote system.[6] The result determined three locations across the USA, one in Europe, and one in Asia. Over 50000 people attended the five events, the smallest event drew a crowd of 2323, and the largest just under 25000.

In accordance with Discordian tradition, hot dogs were not permitted, except on Friday June 13 when they were consumed in great quantities in remonstration of the Original Snub.

Devival II (2010)[edit]

A Devival occurred in in 2010. It was suggested that this even occurred at a location in Antarctica as a joke.

Devival III (2012)[edit]

Devival events were held at multiple locations in 2012.


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