Devlet Hatun

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Devlet Hatun
Born Devlet
Kütahya, Germiyan
Died 1411
Resting place
Devlet Hatun Türbesi in Bursa
Ethnicity Turkish
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Bayezid I
Children Mehmed I and İsa Çelebi, maybe Mustafa Çelebi
Parents Yakub II Shah, chief of the Germiyanids
The son of Devlet Hatun, Mehmed I

Devlet Hatun (died 1411) was the wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and the mother of sultan Mehmed I and İsa Çelebi of the Ottoman Empire.


She was born in Kütahya, into Germiyan state as a Germiyan princess. She was the daughter of Yakub Shah of Germiyan. She was a descendant of Mevlânâ Celâleddin-î Rûm-î through his son Sultan Walad, whose daughter Mutahhara Khātûn was an ancestor of her father. She was the mother of sultan Mehmed I and İsa Çelebi. Mehmed and İsa, along with their other brothers from different mothers Musa, Süleyman, and Mustafa (although Devlet Hatun is thought to be Mustafa's mother as well), would fight for the Ottoman throne in the Ottoman Interregnum following their father's defeat in the Battle of Ankara in 1402. However, she was not Valide Sultan to Mehmed, because she died in January 1411 at Bursa before his victory that ended the interregnum.[1]

Devlet Hatun should not be confused with Despina Hatun, another one of Beyazid's wives, who married him just after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

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