Dewi Sartika

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Dewi Sartika
Dewi Sartika.jpg
Born (1884-12-04)4 December 1884
Cicalengka, Dutch East Indies
Died 11 September 1947(1947-09-11) (aged 62)
Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia
Known for Education for women
Spouse(s) R. Kd. Agah Suriawinata
Awards National Heroine of Indonesia

Dewi Sartika (4 December 1884 – 11 September 1947) was the leading figure and pioneer for the education for women in Indonesia. She founded the first school for women in Dutch East Indies. She was acknowledge as a National Hero by the Indonesian government in 1966.


Dewi Sartika was born into a Sundanese state, R. Rangga Somanegara and R. A. Rajapermas in Cicalengka, on 4 December 1884.[1][2] As a child, after school she often pretended to be a teacher while playing with her friends.[1][3] After her father dead, she lived with her uncle. She got education of Sundanese culture from her uncle. Also she got Western culture from a wife of resident assistant.[4] In 1899, she moved to Bandung.[3]

On 16 January 1904, she founded a school named Sekolah Isteri at Bandung Regency's Pendopo and later moved to Jalan Ciguriang and the school name changed to Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri (Wife Eminency School) in 1910.[5][6] In 1912, there are nine Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri in cities or regencies in West Java (half of the cities and regencies), and in 1920 all of cities and regencies has one school.[4] In September 1929, her school changed its name to Sekolah Raden Dewi.[4]

She died on 11 September 1947 in Cineam, Tasikmalaya while she was evacuating from Bandung due to independence war.[4][7]


Her name Dewi Sartika is known for the street that was the place of her school.[1] She was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau at the 35th anniversary of Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri as a tribute of her service in education.[4][7] On 1 December 1966, she received Heroine of the National Movement title.[6][7]

Personal life[edit]

In 1906, she married to Raden Kanduruhan Agah Suriawinata, a teacher at Sekolah Karang Pamulang.[4]


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