Dhammakaya Open University

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Dhammakaya Open University (DOU)
Dhammakaya Open University (DOU)
Established 2003
Type open university
Location Azusa, California, USA
Website www.dou.us

Dhammakaya Open University (DOU) is a Theravada Buddhist school offering instruction by distance education. Founded in 2003, it is based in Azusa, California but distributes its courses internationally via liaison centres at branches of the Dhammakaya Foundation. It offers courses in English and Thai.

The sole course of studies offered is a B.B. (Bachelor of Buddhism) in Dhamma. It includes:

The degree requires twenty-six units and four years to complete. It aims not only at instilling knowledge and practice of Dhamma, but in enabling its students to live wholesome lives of happiness and peace, and influencing those around them in a positive way.

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