Dharma Field Zen Center

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Dharma Field
Dharma Field-exterior-winter.jpg
Denomination Sōtō Zen Buddhism
Founded 1997
Founder(s) Steve Hagen
Teacher(s) Steve Hagen, Norm Randolph
Address 3118 West 49th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
(West 49th St & York Ave S)
Country United States
Website http://www.dharmafield.org/

Dharma Field Zen Center (Dharma Field Meditation and Learning Center) is a Zen Buddhist community that offers daily meditation, sesshins, Sunday morning Dharma talks, and a large web archive.[1]

A multi-year curriculum explores the foundation studies of Buddha, Nagarjuna, Dōgen, and the wisdom teachings of the Mahayana.[citation needed]

Head teacher Steve Hagen and Dharma teacher Norm Randolph are Dharma heirs of Dainin Katagiri. Former head teacher Bev Forsman and former Dharma teacher Lee Register are Dharma heirs of Steve Hagen.[citation needed]

Dharma Field is located in the former St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[2]



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